My Work Shadow with the BBC

A few weeks ago, I had a phone call from Michelle Eaton, who is one of the producers for Newsround asking me if I would like to do some work shadowing in Newsround because I would like to be a Children’s TV Presenter in the future and then I got in touch with her wishing to be accepted.

During my two days work shadow, I reported to the Reception Area in Bridge House, Media City and waited for Nina Blissett (Runner) to come and collect me as there was a Security Guard in the area.  I was based on the first floor in the same office as Blue Peter.  On my first day, Michelle showed me around the office and she told me about confidentiality in the office as I wasn’t allowed to post anything or take any photos to put on the Social Networking Sites that I am on.  For the rest of the day, I was working with Nina, Richard Atherton and Felicity on the computer putting information, which is suitable for children like quizzes and news on the website.  I also met Martin Dougan (Newsround Presenter) as well.  In the afternoon, Jake showed me the studio area where the presenters do the bulletins and other people who are involved with the sound as we needed the Ipad for the presenter.  Just before the programme started, I met two of the cameramen and Leah Boleto (Newsround Presenter) who was doing that afternoon’s bulletin.  After the show, I saw Katie Thisleton and Karim Zeroual, who were doing the links for CBBC.  In my final day, I went to a meeting with the other crew who are involved with the programme and I contributed in the meeting about what I have seen on the news and online and they thought it was a good idea so I did the same thing as yesterday.

I have really enjoyed myself in the Work Shadow because I made a lot of friends and I have communicated with the other children’s presenters online before taking part in the Work Shadow and Children’s Presenting is my dream job.



Tracy’s Girlguiding Speaks

Hi everyone, my name is Tracy Austin and I am doing a show called Tracy’s Girlguiding Speaks, which is on YouTube.  All of the topics will be all Girlguiding related and it will be on every Tuesday nights as I come straight home from Brownies.

This is going to be a three parter as Summer Holidays will be approaching so there will be no Girlguiding Speaks over the summer holidays.

Week 1 – 28th June – General Information of Girlguiding

Week 2 – 5th July – Promise Ceremonies

Week 3 – 12th July – Guide Houses in the UK

Hope you all enjoy the show as I have enjoyed it

Bye for now and Happy Girlguiding,